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"Sorry" is a song by American recording artist Madonna from her tenth studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor. It was written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price and was released as the second single from the album on February 28, 2006. An uptempo dance song, "Sorry" was one of the first tracks developed for the album and had numerous remix treatments before the ultimate version of the track was finalised. One of the remixes was done by the Pet Shop Boys featuring added lyrics by the band. The actual song features a dance groove tempo. It talks about personal empowerment and self sufficiency.

"Sorry" received positive reviews from contemporary critics who declared the track as the strongest song on the Confessions on a Dance Floor album. Some critics also commented on the song's disco influenced beats while comparing it to Madonna's older dance songs. It achieved commercial success: topping the singles charts in Italy, Spain, Romania and the United Kingdom, where it became Madonna's twelfth number one single. Elsewhere, the song was a top ten hit. However, in the United States, the song could not perform well due to an underplay on radio but was able to reach the top of Billboard's dance charts.

The accompanying music video was a continuation from the "Hung Up" music video. It featured Madonna and her dancers roaming around a city in a van, dancing on roller skates and Madonna fighting with a group of men in a cage. She performed the song on her 2006 Confessions Tour in a similar fight sequence to that shown in the video. An additional video was created as a backdrop for a remix of the song, which depicted political leaders and scenes of war and destruction.

"Sorry" was one of the first tracks developed for the Confessions on a Dance Floor album. The songs were developed with a remixed perspective in mind. Madonna commented that, "Whenever I make records, I often like the remixes better than the original ones. [...] So I thought, screw that. I'm going to start from that perspective". She played the song in different nightclubs, taking on the role of a DJ. Musically, "Sorry" is an uptempo dance song containing layers of beats and strong vocal on the chorus. It is set in common time with a moderately fast dance groove tempo of 132 beats per minute. Composed in the key of C minor, Madonna's vocal range spans from F3 to G4. It follows the chord progression of D♯—Cm—G♯—Bb during the spoken introduction. It then changes to G♯—Bb—Cm in the chorus, while continuing in G♯—Cm—G♯—Fm in the intermediate verses ultimately ending in repeated lines of "I've heard it all before" in Bb—Cm—Cm.

Lyrically the song has excerpts of different languages including French, Italian, Dutch, Urdu, Japanese etc. It talks about personal empowerment and self-sufficiency, denoting a shift in focus of Madonna as an artist from her previous songs about supremacy like "Everybody" (1983), "Vogue" (1990) or "Music" (2000) which was centered around the subject of music itself. Amongst the various remixes, the Pet Shop Boys remix incorporated Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" with a more pronounced bassline and uses a double breakdown in the introduction. It had added lyrics sung by band member Neil Tennant which subsequently appeared on their remix album Disco Four. Madonna's voice hits on the first chorus which was remixed to have a masculine synth and a serious hook. A breakdown happens before the fifth minute ends, leading to the entry of programmed drum sounds after which the song ends. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.