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Re-Arranged. Song Info

"Re-Arranged" is a song by nu metal band Limp Bizkit from their second studio album Significant Other. It was released as the band's second single from the album and was the band's only #1 single on the Modern Rock chart.

The song is notable for being longer than most of the band's songs, building steadily to a climax instead of following music formulas of pop music, ending with an electronic meets scratch ending section by the band's DJ Lethal. Guitarist Wes Borland cites this song as one of his favorites by the band.

The music video for the song was made as an answer to all the controversy surrounding Woodstock '99, in which Limp Bizkit was blamed for inciting riots, among other things, although it could also be where Nookie left off with Durst getting arrested. The video portrays the band in prison cells at the beginning, where they are soon taken and put on trial for Woodstock. They are found guilty, and the video shows them performing the last portion of the song from inside a metal container, as onlookers watch while milk pours into the container to drown the band. When the song ends, the milk drains from the container, and the band is nowhere to be seen.

Only Durst's baseball cap, and a copy of the album Significant Other lies at the bottom of the container. This, according to Durst, was to show that while the critics will continue to assault the band until they are gone, their music will continue to live on forever, regardless. After they are drowned, they are seen floating in heaven. Wes Borland asks, "Are we in heaven? I think we're dead!" and Durst replies, "Dude, if we were in heaven, man, I'd be kickin' it with Method Man right now..." At that point, Fred falls from heaven and supposedly falls into the music video for N 2 Gether Now, which featured Method Man. Matt Pinfield made an appearance in the video, and so did Durst's mother. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.