Info. About Meow!Seek

What is Meow!Seek?

Meow!Seek is an artist music search engine and mashup directory which will help you to find with an artist search query:

  • The artist's top tracks, top albums and similar artists or bands
  • Album track listing
  • The music video for a song and similar songs
  • Music Mashups of your favourite artists
How do I use it?

Easy, just enter the name of your favourite artist on the text-box located at the top of the page, select on the dropdown menu if you are looking for music or a music mashup and click the seek! button, in the music case you'll go to the artist page where you can browse the artist most famous tracks, albums and related artists.
Try for example enter "U2" or "Madonna" and you'll get their artist page:

On the album page you can browse the tracks contained on that album. Some examples would be:

And finally on the Track Page you can see the music video of the song and a list with similar songs. These two for instace:

For any doubt just use the Contact Page and tell the Webmaster whatever you want.

I've been using this website for a while but something is not working, what's wrong??

The development of this website is still in beta proccess, which means that I'm still working on adding features and improving plus fixing the existing ones. As this is a work in progress, things might not work properly sometimes, design will look unfinished or some actions will probably be faulty.
If this is the case please, don't doubt to report it by using the contact form on the Contact Page and tell me about the problem you found, I'll really appreciate your feedback.